The Project

The Patmore experience, enjoyed to the maximum, comes into being in the Resort

With a few well-considered dimensions to blend in perfectly with the surroundings, the building accommodates facilities that are designed to improve personal well-being to a level never attained before. Its rooms are small private paradises that cover all the services that you could ever want.

The surroundings, the breeze and the sea.

PATMORE THE UNIQUE RESORT Patmore the unique resort, is the highest form of enjoying the incredible scenery of the Costa Blanca. A special and complete experience that embraces all the senses. A temple dedicated to well-being, the enjoyment of life feeling the breeze and the sea. A place where luxury is not an accumulation of objects but rather a concentration of what is essential, where each element, each detail, each experience is unique.

Gastronomic experience


Gastronomy when it is raised to an art form is an aesthetic experience that captivates us and fills our senses

At PATMORE THE UNIQUE RESORT gastronomy will be a unique experience that, served in a magnificent setting, will become part of those unforgettable memories that we all treasure and that make us feel deeply happy whenever we remember them.

Excellence in health and beauty.

The idea behind the PATMORE THE UNIQUE RESORT design is based on an overall ‘slow’ life concept. And it is inspired by an active, healthy, sustainable life, so that you have a unique experience of well-being for body and mind.


is a great investment

Evolution of the expected return*

1 bedroom

2 bedrooms

* Estimated average yield based on a 10-year Viability analysis of the operation of the PATMORE Complex.